Specializes in action and monsters

StyleBase PriceAdd-Ons
Portraits & Bust$30+15%
Character Sheets$40 

Payment: Paypal or Venmo

Price depends on detail and how many characters there are. You can fill out this form or email me at wispy.sam+arts@gmail.com.


Wispy | She/They | Queer

Hello! I'm a freelance artist and an aspiring character designer. I'm Chinese-Filipino, living in Hawaii. If you want to get technical I'm ace, pan, and polyamorous. Basically I'm that dot so far off the charts I'm in space.

My Terms
Payment up front for commissions under $50Commissions over $50: pay half of it up front and the other half during finalizationI will send at least two or three WIPs you need to okay before I continue working (doesn’t apply for rushed jobs)No refunds for completed worksDo not post without creditDo not remove my watermark or signatureDo not edit, steal, and/or resell my custom works
Things I will not draw
Mechs/ Detail machinery basically anything that I deem as toxic and harmful, to me or anyone else

Slot Availability
Updated: 2/18/2020

1. Sir Toast

Character Sheets$50
Illustrations$60 ($15/hr)